DavidJo International Mentoring Program provides personal mentoring opportunities for individuals committed to intentional personal leadership growth.

Leadership Mentoring Program

The DavidJo Leadership Mentoring Program provides opportunities for selected individuals to develop personal integrity, strong character, principle-centered and firm spiritual foundation.


Participants will have access to a formal, systematic and personal development environment to cultivate qualities of integrity, responsibility, vision, conviction and purposeful leadership. Our learning system, The Leadership Cube, is designed to translate principles into practice and concepts into actionable, measurable activity steps. Candidates will be able to record valuable growth experiences right from the start, and at every stage of the mentoring program.

Program Levels


Having a strong sense of purpose and healthy self-concept is fundamental to the development of leaders. Who you are and what you do must align in order to produce personal integrity. An understanding of your unique potentials and the principles that protect them will enable you to refine and release your true value for the benefit of mankind.


Leadership is influence. It is quite possible to influence an individual by manipulation, by coercion, or other questionable means. However, when others are inspired by your competence, conviction and character, they permit you to influence them. Level Two of the mentoring program is designed to help you understand and apply the principles and conditions that facilitates leading by inspiration.

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The priority of leadership service is helping other leaders to emerge. True leaders know that a team of leaders is always preferable to a team with a leader. The Level 3 DavidJo Leadership Mentoring Program will help you to develop your team of leaders who are both equipped to function in transformative role and respond effectively to emerging leadership challenges.

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