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Level 1 Mentoring Program Policies and Guidelines

Please read the following sections carefully and completely. By accessing the DavidJo Leadership Mentoring Program portal and/or any other part of website, you agree to abide by the following policies, guidelines and terms of use.

Portal Access, Log-In and Navigation Procedures


You have been granted access to the DavidJo Leadership Mentoring Program website, which is As new information is continually being added to enhance the overall Program experience, please be patient if some site icons or links are not yet functional.

Log-in Process

Please proceed through the following steps to log-in:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in on the link at the top right side of the screen with your username and password.

  3. Update your profile as may be required. Ensure that the following details are correct.

    • First Name

    • Middle Name (optional)

    • Telephone

    • Email address

    • Password (Create a new password)

  4. Last Name (Surname)

Navigation Guidelines

After you have successfully logged in, several options are available to you through your Resources and/or Course Assignments box(es), which will appear on the right side of the screen. These options may include:

  1. Monthly Materials

  2. Audio or Video Resources

  3. Reading Texts

  4. Assignment Due

  5. Recommended Reading

  6. Blogs


Terms of Use

  • Please do not share your username or password with anyone.

  • Please log in from your personal computer to avoid log-in conflicts, which may result in temporary denial of site access.

  • Please contact Mentorship Program faculty directly, if you need assistance on website or other issues.

  • Access to Mentoring Program communication tools, including, but not limited to telephone conference details and web conference details is reserved exclusively for program members’ use only.

  • Use the Mentoring Program private Facebook page is exclusive to current program members only. Sharing Program posts is strictly prohibited.

  • Be courteous and discreet in Facebook communication. The private Facebook page is provided to allow easy access to Program updates and events. Please do not post personal or contact information on the Program Facebook page. The Mentoring Program does not assume responsibility for the credibility of Program members.

  • Please follow all Program policies and procedures. A violation of Program guidelines can result in a loss of Program benefits and/or membership.



Commitment Policy


In keeping with the requirements of the principle of mentorship, I commit myself to the following:


  1. To attend all meetings scheduled by the program unless I have a reasonable purpose

  2. for absence.

  3. To follow the advice and counsel of the mentor in keeping with the principles of scriptures.

  4. To fulfil all assignments given by the mentor both written and practical.

  5. To read all books and resources assigned to me by the mentor and the program.

  6. To develop a personal program of physical discipline and prayer.

  7. To select two individuals to also serve as mentors.

  8. To live according to the principles and precepts of scripture in my daily life in work, family, relationships, and personal integrity


I commit to a personal responsibility for cultivating a Godly relationship through the Holy Spirit, a daily Bible reading program, personal prayer time, sharing my faith with others, and an ongoing study of spiritually enhancing resource materials.

Consent Form

Please complete the consent form to confirm that you agree to abide by the policies and guidelines of the mentoring program. Note that the consent form must be completed and submitted prior to starting the Level 1 program course modules.

I hereby confirm that I have read and consent to the policy terms and guideline statements above.

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